" Extend the life of an object otherwise used for only few months "

It is on this reflection that one of the cornerstones of our philosophy is based: the creation of long lasting elements not only as far as it concerns the quality of the material used but also for their versatility.


Each model proposed here is in fact multifunctional and our cradles accompany the baby into adulthood, changing depending on its needs of growth.


Our ORGANIC and GREEN products are the result of over 25 years of choices, research and experiments driven by passion and commitment in the handicraft production of healthy products with minimal environmental impact. Our models are available in two different types of solid wood: Cirmolo and Abete Valdifiemme. Since the highest quality of the material used, our cradles are sturdy and durable. Moreover, the natural beauty of the hardwood is enhanced by the use of finishing products entirely and exclusively vegan.




cradle table container

originally designed by Argdesign 

cm 53x51x54h
external mesures

The structure is assembled by joints in wood without the use of metal elements.

The peculiarity of this cradle is the possibility to turn it in different elements with only two simple actions: by laying it on the side it becomes a small table and reversing it on the back it becomes a container; thus lengthens the life of an object otherwise usable for a few months.


multifunctional bed

originally designed by Argdesign 

cm 141x76x81h 
external mesures

SEMPLICINO is a cot with an essential design and multifunctional purpose.  

It can be used as a cradle, then it can easily be turned into a traditional bed with a tail lift or, a Montessori-like open bed.

As soon as the use of a cot is over, SEMPLICINO functions as a nice bench and with a simple twist it can be turned into a practical desk.


The internal measuring are 130x70 cm.


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