we are a family business which since 1991 is committed to promote an ecological lifestyle by designing and building furniture in natural solidwood. Every piece design is originally invented and created by Argdesign studio. 


Argdesignstore is a window open to the world through which we try to express our values ​​and passions.  


The MOBILI OGGETTO line (movable objects) wants to be a bridge between the more traditional artisan creation of unique custom parts and the idea of ​​a furniture as a dynamic object; keeping up with the modern life style while preserving the benefits and advantages that the use of a noble raw material such as wood leads.

Why buy organic furniture ?

For health issues and ethics. Because it is not treated with chemical products do not release harmful substances in the home, and the wood we use is indigenous and is "grown" in FSC managed forests, in the years of growth in these woods produce a significant amount of oxygen, so their cycle is very useful for the planet, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.



because the solid wood is a material that absorbs moisture gradually releasing it into the environment, is therefore breathable, ideal material for the beds. Secondly because the furniture made from solid wood have a very low adhesive content (when used in the junctions) with respect to a multilayer that unlike not perspire, favoring the formation of mold. And finally, for aesthetic reasons, the solid wood is more refined, pleasing to the eye and touch.



The hard solid wood over time by purchasing an additional value with the passage of the same. 

How and where we realize your pieces

Each piece of furniture is made and finished by hand in our laboratory in Trentino alto Adige. Recently, with the intent of lowering the production costs we have introduced the use of numerical control machines for the realization of elements that have specific curvatures or incisions.



The products we use in the finishes are natural and plant-based. We use oils made from flax and colors due to the use of vegetable and mineral pigments which looks entirely natural, irregular and nuanced is a feature, not a defect, due to the absence of chemical hardeners.



The glues we use are not harmful, in fact they do not emit formaldehyde, despite being an organic compound naturally present in many items can be harmful if in high percentages. We use glues without any element or animal derived.


Delivery time


Being a handmade product made to order our furniture can expect shipment purchaser within sixty working days.




On request, the customization possibilities are endless: finish, color, material and size. Timing of realization and costs are to be calculated by quote.



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Tel: 0461-662080

Ind: via Roma 69, S. Michele a/A 38010 Trento -Italy-

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