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SINCE 1991

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We offer furniture that accompany us in life,

following our changing, transforming according to our needs.


Designed, hand maded by us with a noble material such as solid wood : strong, beautiful, real and natural.


We believe in the purchase of lasting goods, for the quality of material used and also for their versatility.

versatile and lasting





originally designed by Argdesign 

below our proposals you can purchase online

we believe in a system of production in harmony with its surroundings,

environmentally friendly 

 that makes conscious use of its resources


For the finishing of our furniture we lean to the German company LIVOS that since 1974 makes entirely natural based products, and it is now recognized to be the leader industry manufacturer in the field of phytochemical .


We favor the use of local wood, such as Pine, Fir of Valdifiemme valley, the Alpine Larch and Pinus Cembra commonly known as Stone Pine, all FSC certified. The other essences come from PEFC certified European forests, where the felling is controlled and the land is reforested.



We do not use any animal-derived product or that in any way it may have wildly corrupt their existence. Our wood comes from certified forests and for the finishing we use plant-based oils and dyes, excluding beeswax and casein glues or cervione .


"Questo portare nell'opera il caldo e il palpito della vita umana; questo infondere, attraverso la mano, l'umano nell'oggetto; questo dare alle cose una segreta immagine dell'uomo, e fare si che tra le opere degli artigiani l'uomo ritrovi una vasta e silenziosa famiglia " 
ALBERTO SAVINIO -Ascolto il tuo cuore, cittá- 

- lettini - letti matrimoniali - scrivanie - culle - fasciatoi - lettini Montessori - letti - contenitori - librerie - scaffalature - giochi - 



we have selected for you two essences that we think are particularly suitable for the production of furniture for the bedroom




 finito con olio bianco

 finito con olio naturale


light in apparence and resistant wood, it comes from the homonym Trentino valley. It is " spliced ​​" during a specific process, where the best pieces are selected on a roll free of knots for a seemingly less rustic look. It always brushed this essence, working through which wire brushes " dig " the putting wood emphasize the ribs . This processing also helps to minimizes any eventual defect that by the use in time can happen to be made and is therefore recommended for objects intended to be used by kids.


 naturale senza oliatura

CIRMOLOPinus Cembra 

noble wood, velvety to the touch, the Cirmolo wood, used mainly in alpine areas is particularly suited to the bedroom giveaway since its therapeutic properties are widly known to be relaxing thus reconciling sleep. Its resin gives off a scent with slightly sweet notes. We propose the pine wood only in natural version; any coverage, even if made ​​with natural products would compromise its properties .



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